community consulting

These are exciting times! As we navigate conversations about identity, power, sustainability and harmony, I am directing my energy through Spirited Exchanges to find common ground and explore new approaches to engagement, dialogue, empowerment and community economic development.

To find solutions that work for multiple stakeholders, I draw out guiding values and identify actions congruent with those values, to find the most open, inclusive and honest way to reach the goal. It’s about making real, deep change – which means balancing outcomes with process by incorporating reflective practice and taking intentional steps to move towards the goal.


About Buddha Tweets

Old Gems shared in New Ways: Since I grew up in India, I realize I view life with a traditional lens when it comes to food and relationships (the collective) but also a cosmopolitan lens since I am discovering new cultures and ways alien to my upbringing. My time in...
March 2, 2016

The dilemma: To do or not to do

“Are you getting the COVID-19 vaccine?”  In a world deeply divided on the coronavirus, I am a bit hesitant to answer the question. Personal health, individual freedom, peace of mind, community wellbeing, and other values / belief systems come into play to make that decision. When the pandemic first began,...
April 24, 2021

Walking in the footsteps of Pioneers

Long-time Valemount resident Louise MacLean’s recent passing offered an opportunity to reflect as I also receive my 20-year resident pin later this year. My first nine years as a journalist and museum administrator gave me unique opportunities to learn from the likes of Bob Beeson, Sandy and Louise MacLean and...
March 17, 2021

Climate Action is about making thoughtful choices

It was great to be a follower last Wednesday … to support youth become engaged citizens standing up for climate action. While spending the two hours walking around Valemount to support the student-initiated Climate Strike, we heard a few unkind words. We also walked with a couple of people against...
September 27, 2019