community consulting

"Every conversation is an exchange of spirit."

- Kevin Kling

Why connect?

In a western society that lauds self-reliance and autonomy, losing connection is easy. However, being born and raised in India, community is the default lens I view my experiences through – be it for celebrating, learning, entrepreneuring or my search for meaning. Connecting does not take away our autonomy or choice, but rather widens the perspective from which we contemplate actions.

Why understand?

On one hand, the internet has made it possible for us to gain several perspectives from sitting in front of a screen and to reconnect with friends virtually with ease. However, unless we connect in a physical space that promotes dialogue, we cannot make deeper connections or build understanding. Facilitating dialogue through thought provoking questions can allow a deeper understanding of ourselves and help find more common ground with others.

Why empower?

My need for a shared experience motivates me to empower individuals to become aware of their own abilities and power. Only when we are able to interact as equals, fully aware of our gifts and what we bring to the table, we become a diverse and healthy community. I want to support living in a community where people are engaged through shared responsibility (citizenship) and shared leadership.

Project and Work experience

Visioning and Planning

Stakeholder Engagement

Community Consultation

Feasibility Studies

Needs and Demand Assessment

Project Development and Management

Collaborative Decision Making

Financial Consulting for Individuals, non-profits and businesses

Grant Writing

Organization Assessment

Operations Efficiency

Individual Capacity Building


Impact Measurement Community of Practice with Adopting Common Measures, a national program from Social Innovation Canada

Liberating Meetings – Facilitations Practise Lab with Roni Weiler

International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) Foundations Course in Planning & Techniques with Delaney & Associates

Alchemy of Facilitation with Julian Griggs, Hollyhock Leadership Institute – Art and Science of Facilitating Groups

Convergent Facilitation with Miki Kashtan, NVC Academy – Method for Effective, Efficient, Collaborative Group Decisions

Rural Roots Mentorship Program through Storytellers Foundation in Hazleton, BC – Theory and practical tools for community organizing, citizen engagement and facilitating dialogue

Community Economic Development  Certificate from Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC

Diploma in Journalism, Mumbai, India

Masters in Science, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta

Bachelors in Chemical Engineering, University Department of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, India